BIM Modeling

We have a collaborative approach to BIM
that involves the Owner, Architect, General Contractors, SWS Building Systems, and MEPF Subcontractors. We offer a complete differed submittal process. SWS roll forms it's own truss shapes.



Our fully self-sufficient truss division offers over 25 years of engineering and design. Our value and quality extend from design & manufacturing to delivery. Our process reduces waste, increases efficiency and is inherently more sustainable for the environment.


Truss Design

Our factory is 100,000 sq ft under roof.
Inside we use laser precision and experienced personnel to ensure a quality truss. We provide a full line of structural connections of truss to bearing and truss-to-truss details with laser precision.

Unlocking your projects full potential through technology
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5th Dimension View

Maximize efficiency, generate revenue faster at a lower operating cost.

Time and money saving benefits range from increasing your speed to market, increased density with lower construction costs, and reduced insurance premiums.


  • Design consulting & Engineering
  • BIM Modeling and MEPF Coordination
  • In house roll forming and manufacturing
  • Light Gauge Steel Construction
  • Truss Design and Engineering